History of Miyashin

  • The weaving house of Miyashin has long been nourished their arts in the sophisticated silk tradition of Tango Region, Kyoto. Weaver of Chirimen, Japanese style crêpe fabric, Miyashin is a specialist of hard twist yarn. Modern and ambitious, Miyashin is not limited in silk but always in search for new materials, from natural to synthetic fibers and composite materials, thus developing original and unique fabrics.

  • Miyashin Co., Ltd started to weave fabrics for Kimono accessories but ceased activities during WWII. After war, Miyashin restarted weaving and developed polyester Chirimen crêpe in 1978 and promoted it for ladyユs garments. Polyester Chirimen was sold 150 000 meters/month at its peak. Recently, Miyashin gives high priority in developing original and unique fabrics for garments and kimono accessories.

  • Recently, Miyashin is focused on matelassé jacquard, adding value to hard twist yarn.

Miyashin's 30 weaving machines and 3 twisters

Miyashin's 30 weaving machines:
- Shuttle machines: plain weaving, dobby weaving
- Rapier machines: plain weaving, dobby weaving, jacquard weaving
- Yarn twisting machine: double twisters

Kyoto City Office

  • Miyashin Kyoto City Office is in charge of pattern making for printing, communication with dyeing and finishing factories. Various printing techniques are available; hand screen, auto screen, rotary, hand painting and stencil. We also have different finishing techniques, such as brushing and coating.